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Lyon-Bron, in line with sustainable development

Within the framework of the Aéroports de Lyon sustainable development policy, Lyon-Bron has held consultations and dialogue for several years with residents, flying clubs and relevant authorities. An advisory committee for the environment was formed in 2007 under the auspices of the Rhône prefect.

Nowadays the business aviation fleet is very modern. It does not cause much noise pollution as it is equipped with quiet engines and has a powerful climb rate.

As regards leisure aviation, a quality charter has been signed by Chassieu Town Council, residents' associations, the flying clubs and Aéroports de Lyon.

Set up in 1998, this charter aims to contribute to the environmental, economic and social optimisation of the airport platform. The partners' commitments focus on reducing noise disruption, complying with take-off and landing procedures, the optimal use of the airport's capacities, addressing land-use planning and finally information.

Amongst the first concrete applications, a campaign was conducted to incite flying clubs to use silencers or diesel engines.

Furthermore, several advisory meetings have been held since 2002. It should be noted that a green number (0 800 69 27 66) is also available to residents.