Business Aviation

Travel with unrivalled freedom

Découvrir l'Aviation d'Affaires

Business aviation is recognised as a tool companies can use to drive development and growth. It offers unmatched flexibility, time savings, productivity gains and an exceptional working environment.

Avantages de l'aviation d'affaires

A true "door-to-door"
air service

Business aviation is the fastest and most flexible transport service to get as close as possible to your meeting destinations. It offers:

  • Speed and efficiency allowing businesses to optimise employee work time on-the-go
  • Flexible dates and times meaning that several trips can be covered in a day
  • Simplified boarding procedures: passengers can arrive at the terminal less than 15 minutes before the departure of their aircraft
  • Optimisation of employee travel by chartering an aircraft: a valuable work tool for companies aiming to maximize productivity
  • Comfortable travel conditions in modern, private jets conducive to working or quiet relaxation
  • A large network of airports with far greater connectivity than regular routes

Key Figures

2 hours of work time saved

on average per trip for your employees

€2,840 in productivity gains

for each trip

25,000 airports worldwide and 1,800 in Europe

entirely dedicated to business flights