Services for airlines and crews

We put all our expertise and professionalism at your service to ensure optimal travel conditions

Services aux compagnies Lyon-Bron
Services aux compagnies Lyon-Bron

Comprehensive &
tailored assistance

Our staff at Lyon-Bron provide a comprehensive and tailored assistance service for all types of aircraft, taking into account your own services and needs, from your arrival.
Our staff can assist you with the following in particular:

  • Coordination with airport authorities
We take care of declarations to the authorities to ensure your arrival goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Transmission of weather reports, notams and flight plans
We help you prepare for your flight and liaise with ATC services.

Catering & other services 

Catering, dry cleaning, dish washing, transfers, hotels, etc.
We offer an array of services to facilitate your trip. 

  • Management of your catering, dish washing and dry cleaning

We take care of ordering and coordinating with our best service providers. 

Please note that dish washing, food washing and preparation are carried out on our premises. We carefully enforce good hygiene measures for you and your customers.

  • Transport and hotel booking for crew members  

We handle all of your transfer and accommodation needs.

Catering et services aux compagnies

Accommodation & dining

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