VINCI Airports Executive Handling

A quality label for exceptional expertise

VINCI Airports Executive Handling
Vinci airports executive handling Lyon aéroport

A quality label
that promotes flexibility,
discretion and safety

VINCI Airports launched the VINCI Airports Executive Handling label in 2018 to guarantee excellent service for its customers at each airport in the network.

This label ensures:

  • Harmonisation of operational processes over the entire network
  • Optimisation of quality of service 
  • Passenger and crew satisfaction

Values associated with this label

At VINCI Airports, business aviation is driven by the following values:

The attention to detail given to each of the services offered

Staff flexibility and responsiveness

The confidentiality and privacy offered to passengers

Safety for all

Lyon-Saint Exupéry &
Lyon-Bron airports: committed to
customer service

Choosing VINCI Airports Executive Handling means opting for a tailored experience and premium services for each customer. Through this unique label, Lyon-Saint Exupéry and Lyon-Bron, along with the three other VINCI airports in France, undertake to offer the highest quality services to operators, crews and passengers, to make each trip an outstanding experience.

From comprehensive and tailored assistance to personalised passenger care, Lyon's two airports offer an array of specific services. 

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VINCI Airports Executive Handling