Flight preparation

Take off and land at Lyon-Bron

Préparation du vol à Lyon-Saint Exupéry
Piste Aéroport de Bron

Lyon-Bron has a
grooved runway

Technical information

Longest Grooved Runway : 1820m * 45m 
QFU’S : 16/34 
Location :  45°43’46’’N / 004°56’20’’E 
Elevation : 659ft 
Fire category : 5 up to 7 on prior request 


TWR 118.100 Mhz 
GROUND 121.705 Mhz 
ATIS 128.130 Mhz 
FBO 131.750 Mhz 

Maps & Manuals

View all the maps and manuals needed to take off/land at Lyon-Bron.

Business aviation Lyon aéroport Douane

Immigration &
Customs services

Opening hours for Lyon-Bron immigration and customs services are as follows:

Immigration :
24 hours’ notice is required for all flights outside France between 10:30 p.m and 6:30 a.m.
For more information, please contact your Lyon-Bron airport assistant. 

Customs  :
FLIGHTS INSIDE SCHENGEN, THE EU and ASSOCIATEDCOUNTRIES (Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia) are authorised to operate at Lyon-Bron without special notice.

FLIGHTS OUTSIDE SCHENGEN and/or OUTSIDE THE EU are authorised from Monday to Friday with 24 hours’ notice. Flights on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are subject to prior notice on the previous business day before 5 p.m

Contact : 
Tel. : 09 70 27 30 28 - FAX : 04 72 19 40 43 .  
E-mail : 


Airside Services

Lyon-Bron airside services aim to provide you with maximum flexibility and comfort


service piste fuel lyon business aviation


Our fuel service is provided by TOTAL. The fuel service is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. local time. Payment can be made by credit card, fuel card and fuel release.

service piste degivrage lyon business aviation

Aircraft de-icing

We provide a Type II de-icing service. We use Ecowing AD-2 with a 75/25 mix.

service piste eau lyon business aviation

Drainage and water

Drainage of lavatory wastewater and replacement of drinking water.

service piste gpu lyon business aviation

Power supply

GPU (Ground Power Unit)

Service piste Lyon Bron Hangar


Parking and hangar facilities are available for your stays at our airport.